Spectre Eye


Session 1, 2 Dec 2016

We created 4 characters.

Edwina, a Wood Elf Monk (Linda)

Leon, a Silver Dragonborn Paladin (Dean)

Stub Toe Ow, a Rock Gnome Ranger (Luke)

Thalia, a Mountain Dwarf Wizard (Nora)

The party met at a tavern down by the docks in Wycliff. Edwina and Leon were drinking and discussing their plans for an adventuring group. Thalia ran in, pursued by a group of elven punks who didn't like dwarves. Leon's imposing presence was sufficient to drive them off without combat, and Thalia was invited to join the party.

A commotion was heard outside – people were trying to claim a chest seen floating in on the tide. The chest being opened, Stub Toes Ow was revealed, and Leon lifted him out of the chest. No one being willing to claim a gnome, S.T.O. was invited into the group.

A discussion followed, and the name "Spectre Eye" was chosen for the new adventuring group.

Lodgings were taken at the Hammer of Fire Inn, and posters will distributed. A Baroness hired the party to eliminate a zombie problem. Two zombies were dispatched, and the adventure ended.



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